NASA Fakes Moon Landing! Photographic Proof!

Today is the 45th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 moon landing. To this day, there are some people who maintain it never happened, that NASA faked the whole thing.

In August, 2001, a friend sent me a link to a web page that mercilessly lampooned the conspiracy theories surrounding the moon landings. It contained a series of photos and paragraphs. The photos became increasingly ridiculous while the accompanying paragraphs supposedly debunking the photos grew ever more fixated on alleged inconsistencies. The progressively wider contrast between the absurd photos and the paranoid “explanatory” text was almost painfully funny.

Unfortunately, in 2003, some morons defaced the webpage and the site owner never restored it to its original condition. I thought it had been lost forever, but then I stumbled across a copy of the original page, retrieved from the Internet Archive and lovingly restored by Pigeon. So here it is again in all its scathing glory! :)


San Fransisco Man Becomes First American to Grasp Significance of Irony

The link above is to one of my favourite jokes, and is dedicated to anyone reading this in the US on Independence Day. :)

It relies on the widely-held perception on this side of the pond that many Americans have difficulty appreciating irony. Surely not! ;)

Originally published in May, 2001, on the defunct UK-based satirical Fortunately, the website was preserved for posterity by the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.


They Didn’t Suit You

Happy 35th birthday to 2fm, Ireland’s pop music radio station. There since the station’s launch and still going strong is disc jockey and national treasure, Larry Gogan. And the highlight of Larry’s Golden Hour is his signature Just a Minute Quiz—reputedly the longest running quiz on radio. 8-)

They didn’t suit you,” are Larry’s words of consolation to contestants who don’t answer any questions correctly. :(

The link above is to a web page on listing 33 alleged “actual answers given to Larry Gogan” taken from a chain email that has been in circulation for many years. But Larry himself explains in this interview that it’s all an urban legend. Maybe so, but no less funny for that. ;)

PS: I unearthed a few more alleged JAMQ answers in this Irishisms thread on a Usenet newsgroup.


Do You Like Piña Coladas?

A mischievious wag posted this photo on George Takei’s Timeline Photos on Facebook and it received nearly 100k likes. Look at the picture and then read the caption. It will stay with you for a long time! XD

The link is to the mobile version of the page. Full-blown FB pages are just too unwieldy, imho. And, in case the page disappears, you can view my copy of the full-sized image.

PS: Thanks to Irene for the tip-off. Miss you. :'(

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Bertie Ahern’s Most Memorable Quotes

Bertie Ahern stepped down as Taoiseach (Prime Minister of Ireland) 6 years ago today. He was in office for an historic 3 consecutive terms and enjoyed consistently high popularity ratings throughout his 11 years in power.

However, he also had a reputation for using Bertiespeak, memorable malapropisms, and making controversial off-the-cuff remarks.

Below are some of Bertie’s more famous (and infamous!) quotes.

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