Tommy Cooper

Legendary comedian Tommy Cooper literally died on stage 30 years ago today. He famously wore a fez and his catchphrase was “Just like that!”

He also had a reputation for being miserly. One of his favourite japes was to pay a taxi driver exact change, give him an envelope, and say, “Have a drink on me.” Inside, the cabbie would find a teabag. XD

Anyways, below is a collection of Tommy Cooper-related links compiled in his memory. There are links to pages of one-liners, video clips of sketches and magic tricks, and more. His one-liners stand on their own, but to fully appreciate his comic genius, you have to see him in action. His timing and delivery are simply perfection.

Tommy Cooper Interview
A rare interview with Michael Parkinson first broadcast on Christmas Day, 1979. It later emerged that the guillotine trick nearly went badly wrong and the host narrowly avoided decapitation. 😮
Tommy Cooper: 25 of the Comedian’s Funniest Sketches, Quotes and One-Liners
Includes embedded videos of 7 famous tricks and sketches.
Tommy Cooper: The Best Quotes
Some great one-liners here that I didn’t find elsewhere. The comments at the end are also worth a read.
Tommy Cooper Jokes
A page of Tommy Cooper one-liners that seems to go on forever, but be warned that some of the gags aren’t his—especially the ones towards the end.
Tommy Cooper’s Incredible Joke Collection
This article reveals that Tommy Cooper built up a collection of over 1 million gags during his lifetime. 😎 A small sample is given. The collection is in the care of John Fisher who has published several books based on the material.
Tommy Cooper All In One Joke Book: Book Joke, Joke Book
The latest anthology of one-liners compiled from Tommy Cooper’s joke files by John Fisher. Available from Amazon UK.
Tommy Cooper — Almost a Magician
An unofficial fansite containing a treasure trove of Tommy Cooper material including a biography, downloads, audio and video clips, photos, and some jokes as well. 😉

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