Google Pac-Man

On this day five years ago, Google changed the logo on its home page to a fully playable version of Pac-Man to mark the iconic video game’s 30th birthday. It proved so popular that worldwide productivity dipped. An estimated 4.8million work hours were lost. o_O

The game is a faithful rendition of the original. Great effort was put into making the graphics and sound as authentic as possible, down to the classic theme tune. Start the game by clicking on the Insert Coin button and use the arrow keys to guide Pac-Man around the maze. There’s even an Easter Egg! 😎 Press the Insert Coin button a second time and Ms Pac-Man joins in, allowing two people to play simultaneously. Use the W/S keys to move her up/down and A/D for left/right.

Pac-Man starred on the Google home page for only a weekend, but you can still play the game by going to the 30th Anniversary of Pac-Man post on the Google Doodles blog. Irritatingly, however, you’re redirected to a page of Pac-Man search results after just one game! 😡 Fortunately, web developer Paul Macek created a page on GitHub with a copy of Google Pac-Man you can play as often as you like. 🙂


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